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Cyolo Use Case: Cybersecurity Influencer Marketing and Webinars

Cyolo gains leads for a quarter of the price through the power of quality Influencer networking

Expand Your Webinar Audience Using Our Influencer Marketplace

We had the opportunity to provide Cyolo, an early-seed startup in the Secure Access/Network Connectivity space, a webinar host who could not only help co-lead a webinar focusing on Zero Trust from a new angle but could also help promote the event to their network on LinkedIn, expanding the brand’s visibility and audience.


"We got valuable quality leads that were the exact target audience for our product and who showed a high level of interest"

– Clare Avieli,

Director of Global Marketing at Cyolo

Key Achievements through Cyfluencer's Influencer Speakers Network brought Cyolo the added value for their webinar through:

  • 105 leads through Influencer promotion

  • 28% attendance rate for live event

  • The same amount of leads from larger peer network virtual conference vendors at only 25% of the cost

  • Engaged and interactive panel and audience

  • Highly qualified, relevant leads

The Challenge

Our challenge was to match the client up with not only knowledgeable cybersecurity professionals to co-host a webinar but one who was actively engaged on LinkedIn with a target audience who would be relevant to the Secure Access industry to help the client expand awareness and leads for their product.

What we did: Finding Tech Experts Through Influencer Marketing Platform


From our pool of Influencers within Cybersecurity, we identified one of our cybersecurity speakers who are very active on LinkedIn with 10K+ followers and a very engaged audience, as well as a vCISO for a manufacturing company. We connected him with the client.

Through the development of the content for the webinar, our Influencer recommended the addition of another Influencer from our pool whose expertise would enhance the content and value provided by the event. The client approved and the event was promoted by both Influencers via their LinkedIn profiles. Cyolo deemed the collaboration success with a 28% attendance rate from registered users and highly engaged participants with relevant discussions throughout. Avieli also noted the participants were “super engaged throughout as well as questions after [the webinar]. People were answering polls and we were able to get good insights from polls”. From leads brought in via Wadi’s Influencers, the client was able to gain over 105 marketing qualified leads at the cost of 75% less than previous vendor packages.

In the close-knit cybersecurity community, identifying strong, active professionals in the field can be just as valuable as teaming up with mainstream ‘big name’ Influencers.

And another bonus is now our client can use the budget saved to create new content with more of our influencers and continue to vary Brand reach and grow their audience. Additionally, the content is being repurposed for more lead gen and general marketing extending the value for more quality leads in the future.


Ready to find your next influencer for your upcoming event? Complete our Speaker Request Form here and we’ll be in touch!

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