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For Publishers

  1. What is Cyfluencer?

    Cyfluencer is a new twist on influencer and distribution marketing specifically focused on the cybersecurity industry to support marketers in Top of Funnel, Brand Awareness campaigns.

    Get your quality thought-leadership pieces shared organically by engaged cybersecurity professionals with their professional networks.

    Take your thought-leadership content and let our network of cybersecurity micro & macro influencers distribute to your target audience for you.

  2. Who are the influencers on the platform sharing your content?

    They are professionals in their field of cybersecurity expertise who are already active on social media. They are involved in discussions surrounding cybersecurity challenges, awareness, best practices and more.

    Typically, they are cyber professionals with years in the field who have something to say. We have Micro to Macro influencers with a Follower base ranging from 1000 – 39K, many are CISOs, vCISOs, consultants or senior cybersecurity roles.

    We have vetted our influencers through an audit of their social media presence and engagement quality. We work with them continuously to ensure they are successful in sparking conversations around your brand.

  3. What type of content can I post in the Cyfluencer library to be shared?

    The types of content we accept include blog posts, podcasts, infographics, white papers or videos that are, first and foremost, ungated material that you would consider for Inbound or organic content for TOF.

    The topic needs to be value-driven and focused on the expertise of your company such as thought leadership pieces. Basically, it should highlight your company’s expertise and knowledge within your niche and not have a primary focus on your product or service.

  4. How do we measure ROI on a branding and awareness campaign?

    While this is a branding and awareness campaign, without easily measured conversions, we can understand the success of your content through a number of metrics. Performance reports include:

    • Number of clicks per content so you can see the content types that are performing best.

    • The titles of the Cyfluencers sharing your content and the number of clicks they brought to your site.

    • The number of views and impressions on your top content, as well as the job roles and associated companies viewing your content the most.

    • The geographic breakdown of where your content is being read.

    • How your campaign performed over the month.

  5. How will I be able to monitor the success of the campaign myself?

    In addition to our monthly reports mentioned above, you will be able to login and see your dashboard to monitor the performance of the campaign, including number of clicks and spend, and use our filters to drill down to understand who is sharing what and analyse the success of your content.

  6. How does my campaign look in my analytics tool?

    You’ll be able to use UTM codes just as with any other analytics platform (Google, Hubspot, Marketo, etc). However, as you know, the cybersecurity crowd is a unique demographic highly attuned to tracking cookies and privacy concerns, with a high rate of usage of privacy protecting tools that strip the UTM codes (includes browsers like TOR or Brave as well as settings in Firefox and Chrome block ad trackers).

    What this means for your Google Analytics view is that a considerable number of clicks that come through content with UTM codes are being stripped and appearing as either Referral or Direct Traffic instead of from a specific campaign.

    Therefore, as part of our custom platform just for cybersecurity, we have designed our system to register the click as it happens and not once the UTM code fires when the page loads so that you will be able to have a truer picture of the traffic generated by your content.

  7. How do we know the clicks on our content are high quality?

    Our platform automatically filters out bot and suspicious clicks so that you only pay for actual readers and you can adjust which geographies you want to target as well.

For Influencers

  1. How is this influencer platform for cybersecurity professionals different from being an Instagram Influencer?

    First, we understand that credibility is crucial within cybersecurity. It’s important to us to protect that for both the Influencer as well as the different companies we work with.

    Second, there is no direct promotion of a product or becoming a ‘Brand Ambassador’ – you’re simply given the opportunity to share content and start conversations around pieces that you find provide value or insights on different topics within cybersecurity.

    You have complete control over what you choose to share or not to share and you are not asked to promote or review a company’s particular product or service. Additionally, there is no direct communication with the publishing vendor so there is NO pressure or obligation to post from any brand.

  2. What does being a cybersecurity influencer (or ‘Cyfluencer’) involve for me?

    As a Cyfluencer you will have access to our library that has a range of articles and media on topics across different verticals within cybersecurity provided by different cybersecurity vendors. The content is ungated and aims to give the reader quality, value based insights within their niche.

    You choose which content you’d like to share with your network on LinkedIn or Twitter, add your own honest insights or takeaways around the concepts discussed and post it. Any unique traffic generated by the content you shared will be attributed to your account and you will be paid out at the end of the month

  3. Is there a posting quote I need to meet?

    We recommend sharing at least one piece of content per week at a minimum, however, you are not obligated if you feel there is no content relevant to share at any given time.

    In no way do we want you to post only from our platform nor spam the content to your socials. This is simply another source for providing curated content for you to include in your regular posting schedule. As such, you are free to post as frequent or infrequent as you want.

  4. Do I need to include any disclosures on my post?

    Transparency is important to maintain credibility for everyone, therefore disclosing according to the FTC guidelines is required, in addition to your own brief insights or takeaways relevant to the content.

  5. Are there any further guidelines I need to adhere to?

    You may not solicit clicks to the content. Simply write and post as you would any other article or video around cybersecurity, sharing your unique and honest perspective on the topic as a professional in the field.

    Further, if you do not agree with a particular content and have no constructive insights to contribute, then it’s best to share something else.

  6. What do I get out of sharing content from the Cyfluencer platform?

    You’re already sharing interesting content on issues and methodologies around cybersecurity, now you can get compensated for it!

    Not to mention, we curate content for you from a variety of vendors in different niches all in one location, quickly introducing you to new concepts or approaches to add to your knowledge and awareness in the industry that you can share with your own network.

  7. What platforms can I share on?

    Currently, our main focus is with cybersecurity professionals who are most active on LinkedIn. However, if you have a following on Twitter that would find the content relevant, simply let us know and we’ll review the account to see if it is eligible to share there as well.

    We plan to expand to other channels in the future.

  8. Let’s be real, this is a marketing platform – how do the companies benefit?

    Companies benefit by getting their quality content in front of your relevant audiences. We do not record or track who are in your network.

  9. How do I get paid?

    Currently, we pay commissions each month in USD through PayPal only but are working towards adding other methods in future releases.

  10. I don’t want to get paid, I just want access to new vendor insights. Can I donate my earnings to a charity instead?

    Absolutely! Currently, we’ve selected two great organizations you can choose from to send your earnings: Innocent Lives Foundation and Mental Health Hackers. Note that we can issue receipts as proof of the donation in your name but it may not be possible for you to use it for tax deductions in your jurisdiction.

    If you’d like to nominate another organization that is connected to the cybersecurity community in either giving back to larger populace or for supporting cybersecurity professionals themselves, we’d love to learn about them. Send an email to and provide a link to the organization’s website.

  11. Can I view my clicks?

    Yes, you will be able to login and see your dashboard where you can view the performance of your shares, commissions earned and analyse the data with custom filters.

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