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Content Sharing Platform

The fast, easy, and affordable way for marketers to get respected cybersecurity influencers to read and share their content.

Low Maintenance. Low Cost. High ROI.

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Making Waves

When it comes to generating demand for cybersecurity,
recognition from the inside is everything.

While paid ads, SEO, and traditional PR are key components of your marketing strategy, you know that you need to gain the trust and recognition of those who are part of the closed community.

Even though you’re already producing stellar content, it’s not getting nearly enough traction. 

You’ve realized it takes years for a startup to get to the point where you’re having people from your target market regularly share your posts.

How it Works?

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You bring the CONTENT

With one click, you upload a content piece to the content library via the platform. There’s no cost for uploading content.

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They bring the AUDIENCE

Our platform tracks and reports how many clicks a content piece generates. You only pay for performance AND you get live data around the type of content that appeals to your audience.

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We bring the INFLUENCER

Influencers browse the content library. They can choose to share your content on social media (LI or Twitter). You only pay for how the unique traffic your content generates.

Laser-Targeted Audience

Cyfluencer lets you share your content directly with laser-targeted professionals

Supercharge demand generation by generating awareness at scale, Build credibility among respected industry thought leaders, Increase exposure in your ideal target market.
ALL without any retainers or hefty long-term contracts. with Cyfluencer, getting your content in front of the right people – at scale – has never been so easy or affordable.

cyfluencer app mockup
cyfluencer mockup
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Why Join Cyfluencer?

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Pay Per Click Model

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Unlimited Shares

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One-Click Upload

Because our typical Cybersecurity influencer has...


Engaged followers on LinkedIn


CISO, vCISO, Consultant or Senior Security Professional


Years experience in the field

You’re already producing excellent content. Now you can get it in front of the right people.

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